Membership Information


How to purchase or renew your membership...

  1. Select Museum Membership from the Excavations Gift Shop Homepage.

  2. Select the type of membership from the selection boxes on the Membership Page.

  3. Select New if you have never previously had a membership with Sternberg Museum. Select Renewal if you have ever had a membership with the museum, even if it has expired. 

  4. If you wish this to be a gift membership, please enter "Gift for [recipient's name]" in the comments section.

  5. Please enter your current e-mail and mailing address in the shipping page. This will be the information used for your membership records.

  6. Be certain the billing information matches billing information on your credit card.

  7. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks to receive your membership card.


Membership FAQs

Who may I bring in on a Family Membership?

Family Memberships admit 2 adults and all children 17 and under, or 2 adults and grandchildren 17 and under. Only the adult(s) listed on the card may be admitted on the membership.

Is my membership valid in ASTC participating museums the same as Sternberg Museum?

Each museum defines a "family" differently. Please refer to the ASTC Passport Program listing to view how many people may be admitted under your membership.

Why will the museum in my hometown not honor my Sternberg Museum membership, but they are listed as ASTC participants?

Science centers & museums located within 90 miles* of the science center or museum where you are a member or science centers & museums located within 90 miles* of your residence are excluded from ASTC reciprocal free admission.

What if I have a gift voucher for a Sternberg Membership?

To purchase a membership with a voucher or to pay by check, follow this link to print out an application form and mail to the museum.

Is my children's babysitter admitted on my family membership?

If your babysitter or nanny will be bringing your children, consider purchasing the "Babysitter add-on" option with your family membership.